tisdag 6 mars 2018

Polardistance 160km

Today sometime between 13 och 14.30  Håkan will start Polardistance 160km with 4 dogs, with pulka and skiing. The dogs that he brought with him are in leed Bielkersmils Corona of Allsvinn aka Corona, Bielkersmil's Etna of Pepper aka Etna, and as wheeldogs Bielkersmils Karelin of Nallo aka Charlie and Bielkersmils Meetme of Nallo aka Mieto.

During the current season, they have ran about 1650km in training so I hope they are excited and eager to work as well as on training. 

Corona is veteran in the field of Polardistance and it is the fourth time she starts (the three times she has participated earlier, her team has won), Etna and Mieto are veterans as well and it will be their second start, Charlie is the only rookie and thus making its debut start. 

 If you want to follow the progress of the team, please visit the link: http://www.polardistans.se/index.php/en/an-k2/pd160-1-4-hundar-pulka

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