onsdag 12 oktober 2022

Training season has started

Finally, the temperature has dropped enough that the Samoyeds don't get too hot when they work.

During the past weekend, the ten team has done a few miles. 

 On Tuesday, October 11, the dogs ran 20 km in the chilly autumn evening. Pink sunset in the west while the yellow moon could be seen between the tree trunks in the east. A fantastically nice trip with really lively dogs.

Below a pic from our last tour.

Aniu & Titan in lead, Crux & Honya pair number two, then Isha & Freya,  fourth pair Varya &Yetta and wheeldogs Zora och Eimo.

fredag 7 oktober 2022

Puppies born

 The night before 5/9-2022 Bielkersmils Saiko of Iwan gave birth to 4 puppies, three females and one male. All puppies are reserved.

Pedigree for the puppies








0,0 %


Preliminärt index








Dragonora Twilight

Vanderbilt's Archangel

Polar Mist Stairway To Heaven

Cot'n Pic'n Shangrila Chyna Silk

Vitkind's Valentina Supreme

Vitkind's Oliwer Twist

Vitkinds Wilma De Sanna Gourska

Bielkersmils Saiko Of Iwan

Svartisens Iwan Av Tundra

Deejasome Eller Inte

Svartisens Glittra Av Geisha

Bielkersmils Etna Of Pepper

Julesno Sgt Pepper

Bielkersmils Avatara Of Kartman


torsdag 26 maj 2022

Dog show 220526

Today I have been to a polar dog show in Garphyttan-Ånnaboda with Titan and Yetta. Titan took his third CAC and thus became Swedish show champion - wonderful dog. He also became BOB bruks. I also brought Yetta who thought it was all super scary and therefore had her tail between her legs almost all the time. Despite this, she received the grade VG and finished as fourth best bitch in the open class.


fredag 20 maj 2022

Waiting for puppies

 Now Varya is staying inside the house and is installed in the whelping box. We hope that she will deliver her puppies soon (she is expected to give birth on the 28/5)

söndag 17 april 2022

Exciting meeting with bird

 Today I was really happy to have Tuffs in lead at our training tour. We met a capercaillie who was mating season.Luckily Tuffs didn´t bother and Crux who was running behind him followed his example.

onsdag 13 april 2022

Dog show

Last Sunday we were at the Swedish Polar Dog Club's show in Orsa. I had with me the dogs Titan, Crux, Varya and to help our workaway Marisa. We had a nice day with good weather and nice company of our puppy buyers Madeleine and Gustaf. 
The results of the exhibition put an extra golden edge on the day and were as follows: 

was shown in working class, BOS with CAC and in working class BIS 3. 
 Assessment: masculine with very good proportions, well-shaped head, very good ears, nice eyes, good muzzle and bite, very good topline, beautiful tail, excellent forechest and chest, strong good legs, very good paws, wide good thighs, good angles behind, enough front, good coat quality, moves with good steps, excellent temperament.
 Now Titan only needs a CAC and he becomes Swedish show champion. 

Was shown in open class and ended up unplaced with assessment Excellent
 Assessment: solid, nice proportions, not in the best coat, nice head, good ears, eyes, nose and bite, nice topline, good tail but a little "skinny", enough breasts, good legs and paws, enough angles to give good steps, good forward offer, very good temperament. 

Was shown in open class and ended up unplaced with assessment Very good
 Assessment: nice head and expression, good nose and bite, good ears ,, eyes and neck, should be tighter in the back, nice tail, a little round in the chest and at the front, sufficient angles, enough steps, good coat quality but shedding a bitl, very good temperament.

 Breeder group
Best group with HP The group included Titan, Crux, Bielkersmils Zerak of Frej and Bielkersmils Fantastic Frej of Nallo
 Assessment: 4 combinations, 3-11 years, well-typed with good bodies and movements, excellent temperament, decent coats.

Bielkersmils Fantastic Frej of Nallo 
owners Madeleine Abrahamsson and Gustaf Hammarkrantz Frej who has now reached the respectable age of 11 years and who has long been both show champion and polar dog champion became Best in show veteran - Congratulations to Madde and Gustaf who keep him in such good condition!


me and  Varya

Marisa (our workaway) with Crux &Titan

Frej and Zerak preparing for the breeders group

tisdag 29 mars 2022

Puppies expected

Yesterday (220328), mating took place between SE59642 / 2019 Bielkersmils Crux Of Nobelium and SE33613 / 2018Bielkersmils Varya Of Otis, so now we hope that Varya gives birth to healthy, well-shaped puppies around 30 May. The litter's inbreeding rate is 0.6% and the HD index is 113. Information about the puppies' pedigree and parents you will soon be able to see under the tab Puppy info.