lördag 16 februari 2019

Dog race in Ore 2019

Last weekend I was competing in Furudal at the Swedish Samoyed meeting.

I drove a six-team sled with the dogs: Saiko, Charlie, Igor, Jotka, Mieto and Moss. There were ten teams that starting in the class.

The competition is a two-day competition and the distance is a total of 20km + (this year it was a total of 25km divided into two-day heat).

The first race day I started as number seven. The dogs seemed to be tagged in spite of the wet and heavy conditions and kept good speed the first few kilometers and we  past the team that had started 2 min before us. The rest of the stage went pretty well and I was happy with the day.

On Sunday we started as number five. Even before the start, Charlie began to show that he thought that Saiko, with whom he was i lead of the team, smelled really good and he was more interested in mating than running. Once we had started we were off with good speed and continued so about 1.5 km, then the lust was too uch for Charlie and the team stopped. (The thing is that Saiko wasn´t in heat but apparently she smelled very good anyway).

After some confusion, I realized that I had to change the lead dog and put forth Mieto together with Charlie (Mieto has never gone in lead but always done a very good job as wheeldog) and Saiko, who became so insecure beacause of Chalie's courtesies that she did not at all want to move forward, was placed second.
Finally, the team moved forward again. We had been overtaken by the team that started two minutes after us. Knowing that we really did not have time to waste if we were to pass the qualification I did what I could to encourage the dogs to increase the pace and helped them in all uphill.
We kept good speed but a speed that was actually more adapted for longer distance - not for sprint. When we had a few kilometers left, we suddenly caught up with the team that had passed us earlier. We kept on a couple of team lengths and kept pace, so on a hill the team ahead of us had a super throttle and after about 10 seconds of waiting I realized that it would take time before they came off so I chose to drive by.
We crossed the finish line without more incidents, unfortunately with a total time that was one second longer than the team that we had passed and which was not enough for a 1st prize. We ended up at a sixth place and without the award I had hoped for. Now I hope for good training conditions for the next season.

finish first day

lördag 15 september 2018

First training this season

A single night with acceptable temperature for training premiere - and it was on Bielkersmil's Titan of Polar one-year day. For the first time in his life, he had the honor of celebrating the day in a four team before our tricycle.

He has ran short distances twice before the kickbike with only one other dog as a company.

It will be really exciting to see how he develops because his debut as a working dog was something beyond what I have experienced.

He is a natural talent who immediately knew what he should do and how he dit it was amazing.

Tucked lines all the time, no trailing alight, full focus all the time even as we past the horses and that there were three other dogs in the team did not seem to bother him at all.

On the video below, Corona and Saiko are in lead, Mieto to the left as weeldog and Titan to the right.

Hopefully the training season is about to start at last, that is if the temperature is low enough. I will start very easy going short distances since tthree of the females in the team has had puppies this year. Crossing my fingers for colder weather.

onsdag 25 juli 2018

Two male puppies and one female puppy left for reservation

There are two male puppies and a bitch puppy left for reservation from Jotka's litter. Delivery at the beginning of September. Send sms or email if you are interested. Now it's hotter than hottest in Jonsbyn. In the dog yards, it's very calm and quiet in the day, but in the evening, they start to play as well as in the morning / morning before the sun rises too high. Kallas and Corona's puppies, despite the heat, need to get rid of some energy, discover new environments and strengthen their muscles and bones so when the sun does not beam too hard, we go for a walk in the nearby forest. The backpack is packed with bowls and water and with the camera over the shoulder it wears off.
Both the bitches and the puppies go full speed over bushes, stumps, logs and rocks and do not seem to be worried at all by the heat. It just seems to be mum who find it hard to lift the legs in the heat.


Corona slooks for squirrels

Full speed over stones and bushes - perfect for building good muscles and bones

 Kalla managed to find a wet spot in the very dry forest - enough to dirty herself

Corona leads the way

lördag 21 juli 2018

Only two male puppies and one female puppy from Jotkas litter available

Now Bielkersmil's Yang of Karelin has found a new home and will soon move to Haninge.

There is now only two male puppies and female puppy from Jotka's litter available (see more info under the puppies info tab). They are ready for delivery in early September. If you are interested, you will reach us safely via email bielkersmil@gmail.com or sms 0700405267

söndag 15 juli 2018

Few puppies available


Almost all of Jotka and Frejs´puppies have found new homes to move to.

There are only two male puppies available from Jotkas litter
We also have one male puppy from Corona and Charlie left.
He is 10 weeks old, has extremly much energy and will need a strong leadership and lots of activity.
If you are interested please send e-mail or sms. (we are hard to contact on phone)
e-mail: bielkersmil@gmail.com
telephon: 0700405267

Yang, 10 weeks old

Some of  Jotkas puppies  1 week old

söndag 8 juli 2018

Jotka - mother 180707

The night to July 7, Jotka gave birth 10 well-made puppies, five male puppies and five female puppies. If you are interested in a puppy, you can contact me via SMS, email or at FB via message on the Bielkersmils kennel page. There are some puppies left to reserve

mail: bielkersmil@gmail.com
FB Bielkersmils kennel
Jotka stolt mamma till 10 valpar

onsdag 13 juni 2018

Jotka is mated

On the 7/5-18 mating took place between
pdp Bielkersmils Jatka of Birk regnr: 45687/2013
pdp, SE(Polar)CH, SEUCH Bielkersmils Fantastic Frej of Nallo


HD:index 108 for the litter

The puppies are expected to arrive around the 9/7-18

More info will come under "puppyinfo"

Jotka is a strong quite big female who loves to run and works really hard in the harness.She is very friendly and loves to be cuddled. She has been very successful in long distance races. She is easy to handle and she gets very well along with other dogs and she loves people. She moves very well, has excellent pigmentation, excellent coat, excellent paws and she has never been ill. She works as either lead dog or wheel dog and she keeps a good speed and is commando responsive.

Frej is a wonderful guy with great personality.
A never-ending engine with huge will and big heart, a real fighter who never gives up.
Patient, obstinate, busy, stubborn (in a positive way), kind and calm.He loves children, is safe and has a stable psyche. Mentaltestad with very good results.
He lives together with his "brother" Bielkersmils Igor. They are inseparable and the world's best friends.

Frej has been and has been very successful at competitions as well as in the show ring.
Before he was 3 years old he became Swedish show champion with PDP.and today he is also a Swedish Polardog champion.
In a team, he works both as a wheeldog and in lead. He is very strong and commando responsive and always works wit excellent focus.
There are a lot of dogs on the west coast that have started their sleddog training with Frej as a rabbit

He moves very well, has excellent coat , good paws and ears.
He loves all people and is very keen.
Send PM if you are interested in a puppy