fredag 9 mars 2018

Håkans story about the Polardistance race 2018

Siberian Huskies and Greenland Dogs had to give in against our samoyed team when the World Championships in the long distance were settled in connection with Polardistans in Särna.
Unfortunately, Sverre Moens Alaskan Malamutes were a little too sharp for us. We chose to start last to keep an eye on the field and after 2h 48min and the first 30km up to the mountain  we had passed 13 of the 16 starting teams. Sverre and his team were still ahead of us but  he started before us and at this time we were 18minutes quicker so we were in lead.
It was snowy during the night, the trails were partly soft.. The sticks I had were not suitable for the deep snow and every now and then they partly disappered into the snow which made my skiing hard.
 After about 110 km on the trail we had a passage of about 20km where we were the first in the trail and the snow was deep, about 20-30cm, and it was difficult to see where the trail was running.
Both me and Sverre missed a turn and went the wrong way for about 2 hours before we  turned and got back on trail.15km extra on a trail that already measured 167km in total, was not something we wished for after 16hours on the go.
In our mistake, Rinaldo with 4 Siberian Huskies also joined and the medal trion was ready 40km ahead of the finish line.
I took the lead with the Samoyeds and tracked for about 5 km when we got close contact with about 200 reindeer. Galloping after  trotting reindeer for about three km and we were alone in lead again. Unfortunately maybe the speed was to much for Etna who started limping and she was put in the sledge bag. Soon Sverre caught up and went ahead of us once more.
  After just over 24hours on trail we reached the finish line i Särna, seco  in World Champion ship.
 Thank you all Samoyed friends who held thumbs and paws for Bielkersmil's brave warriors Corona 8.5 years, Etna 8 years Charlie 4.5 years, Mieto 3.5 and to the man himself who is a bit too old for this adventures.

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