torsdag 29 mars 2018

Happy Easter!

Here in Jonsbyn the snow is still deep (about 2dm). Thanks to the strong cold of the last nights (-18 degrees), the snow is so hard that you can walk everywhere and our very own pair of pair of Easter rabbits use of the possibility. They jump around the garden and look for something edible, some oatorns that the birds have sprung down from the bird table may be welcome breakfast and, for supper, some bark from our young apple trees. 
Kalla and Corona are both mated and Kalla is today at day 33 after mating and Corona on day 28. A normal pregnancy is 63 days +/- 3 days so they have almost gone half the pregnancy time.
 I think they've gotten a little bigger around the waist but can not say anything for sure, so just wait and see the time and hope the matings are successful. 

We wish all our friends Happy Easterholidays!

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