måndag 21 maj 2018

Lots of activity in the whelpingboxes

On 5/5 Corona gave birth to her puppies. There were three bitches and 4 males. There is a male puppy otingad u Corona and two male puppies u Kalla. called puppies are deliverables at the beginning of week 26 and Corona's earliest 30/6. Email or send a message on our kennel page on facebook if you are interested.

Micky Treutleins foto.
Mothers paw works fine as a pillow

If you are interested in an older dog, maybe Bielkersmils Isa of Zouroff  u pdp SE (Polar) Ch Bielkersmils Avatara of Kartman and e Great Zima Prince Zouroff may be of interest. She is looking for a new home. 
She has HD degree B. Reg No SE42462 / 2013. Eyes without remark. . She likes many different activities, loves to go everywhere with the family, but she can also be calm. She is a very happy dog ​​who likes children. She has pulled her mum on a bike some times and she seems to enjoy that

tisdag 1 maj 2018

Kalla has given birth

Night to the 28/4 born Kalla gave birth to 8 healthy and well-made puppies. It became 3 bitches and five males.
 It was a straightforward delivery, but since she got the first puppy about 01 and the last puppy at 12.30 I was very tired before it was clear. And it didn´t help that she woke me up at 04.04 on 27/4. 

Now they are here and Kalla is a very good mother who takes good care of her puppies. She has plenty of food and the puppies do like puppies are supposed to, they eat asleep and grow. 

There are some unreserved male puppies left. If you are interested, please email bielkersmil@gmail.com or send a message on Bielkersmils kennel page on FB. You can also try to call (+46700405267) but the coverage is poor where we live so it is safer to email.

proud mother

Kalla and her puppies