lördag 15 september 2018

First training this season

A single night with acceptable temperature for training premiere - and it was on Bielkersmil's Titan of Polar one-year day. For the first time in his life, he had the honor of celebrating the day in a four team before our tricycle.

He has ran short distances twice before the kickbike with only one other dog as a company.

It will be really exciting to see how he develops because his debut as a working dog was something beyond what I have experienced.

He is a natural talent who immediately knew what he should do and how he dit it was amazing.

Tucked lines all the time, no trailing alight, full focus all the time even as we past the horses and that there were three other dogs in the team did not seem to bother him at all.

On the video below, Corona and Saiko are in lead, Mieto to the left as weeldog and Titan to the right.

Hopefully the training season is about to start at last, that is if the temperature is low enough. I will start very easy going short distances since tthree of the females in the team has had puppies this year. Crossing my fingers for colder weather.

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