onsdag 25 juli 2018

Two male puppies and one female puppy left for reservation

There are two male puppies and a bitch puppy left for reservation from Jotka's litter. Delivery at the beginning of September. Send sms or email if you are interested. Now it's hotter than hottest in Jonsbyn. In the dog yards, it's very calm and quiet in the day, but in the evening, they start to play as well as in the morning / morning before the sun rises too high. Kallas and Corona's puppies, despite the heat, need to get rid of some energy, discover new environments and strengthen their muscles and bones so when the sun does not beam too hard, we go for a walk in the nearby forest. The backpack is packed with bowls and water and with the camera over the shoulder it wears off.
Both the bitches and the puppies go full speed over bushes, stumps, logs and rocks and do not seem to be worried at all by the heat. It just seems to be mum who find it hard to lift the legs in the heat.


Corona slooks for squirrels

Full speed over stones and bushes - perfect for building good muscles and bones

 Kalla managed to find a wet spot in the very dry forest - enough to dirty herself

Corona leads the way

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