söndag 24 oktober 2021

Puppies expected in December

Today there was a mating e Bielkersmils Crux of Nobelium u Bielkersmil's Belaya of Nemo so now we hope that a litter of healthy beautiful puppies will be born around 26 / 12-21. The puppies are ready for delivery at the earliest when they are 8 weeks old. Send an email or text message if you are interested in a puppy.
email: bielkersmil@gmail.com
tel: 0700405267

Bielkersmils Belaya of Nemo

Bielkersmils Belaya of Nemo

Pictures of Crux coming soon.
Both Belaya aka Ziri and Crux are HD-x-rayed A / A and eyes clear. The HD index on the litter is 112. A little about Crux:
Crux is a medium-sized male of a lighter type, very compliant and easy to handle. He works well in the harness both in front of the kick bike, four-wheeled cart and with runners behind him. He has good movements, fur, paws and pigments. He is cuddly and always alert to new adventures.
A little about Ziri:
Ziri is a medium-sized bitch with a good working head, she is compliant and easy to handle. She has very good movements, pigments and coat.
Due to Corona, none of the dogs have participated in any sled- or cart- competition and only Ziri has been  to dog show once. She was awarded Excellent.

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