söndag 3 oktober 2021

Dog show in Vilsta Eskilstuna

Yesterday, 2 / 10-21 I was at a show for polar dogs in Vilsta. With me I had the dogs Bielkersmils Titan of Polar aka Tuffs, Bielkersmils Zora of Frej and Bielkersmils Belaya of Nemo. 

Not only my own dogs participated but also some of our offsprings Bielkersmils, Madeleine also participated with Zerak of Frej aka Zerak and Sussi with Bielkersmils Esko of Avici aka Shiro. 

On site to see how an exhibition goes, Kajsa was with her husband and Bielkersmil's Eiko of Avici aka Scott - Ihope to see you again at some exhibition in the future. 

All the Bielkersmils dogs behaved excellently and it was so fun to meet dog owners and their well-kept nice dogs. I look forward to seeing you more times! 

Results from the exhibition: Bielkersmil's Zora of Frej got excellent, as did Bielkersmil's Belaya of Nemo, both were unplaced. 

Bielkersmil's Titan of Polar got his first CAC, became BOB workingdog and and BIS 2 working dog- so proud of him.

I also had a breeder group that included Titan, Zerak, Zora and Belaya. They became BIS breeder group - really fun.


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