tisdag 5 maj 2020

Femundrace 650 with samoyed

Now the Samoyed have a great chance to complete the Femund Race again. In Coronatimes, Femund Race started a challenge "Femund Race CaniX Challange" (found on FB) and of course Håkan saw his chance to extend the Samoyed's merits with a Femund Race 650 after a completed Femund Race with 8-team 400km with sled in 2010. 

On May 1st, Håkan and Charlie began their adventure. Håkan hopes to complete the challenge and reach the goal in Röros before the last of July. 
Today, the team is approaching the checkpoint Tufsingdalen which Håkan hopes to reach just in time for the Friday pizza. 
Håkan feels it is nice to avoid packing, nasal vaccination and deworming dogs - mainly to avoid packing I would think :-) but I think he will miss checkpoints with good support. 

Charlie is soooo happy every time Håkan comes out in running clothes because he  knows that now is the time for a wonderful run in the forest.

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