söndag 12 april 2020

Two planned matings in May 2020

Bielkersmils Varya Of Otis aka Varya

Brantas gård Avicii aka Minou

Hopefully there will be two matings at our kennel in May 2020. 
The puppies will be ready for delivery no earlier than 17 weeks after mating, ie probably in September. 

You will find information about the intended matings below. 

If you are interested in puppy please email Bielkersmil@gmail.com or send message on FB.

u Bielkersmils Varya Of Otis aka Varya
Born: 2018-04-28 
Reg No: SE33613 / 2018 
Weight: 17kg 
Height: 51cm 
HD: A 
Eyes: clear

e Brantas Farm Avicii aka Minou 
Born: 2017-01-13 
Reg No: SE13253 / 2017 
Weight: 24kg 
Height: Approx 59cm 
HD: A / A 
ED: 0 
Eyes: clear 

HD Index: 105 for the litter 

More information about the parent animals and the puppies' pedigree will be on the website under the puppy info tab.

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