söndag 7 januari 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our puppy buyers and friends!

Now all Lavas´puppies have moved, all but one Bielkersmils Titan of Polar whom we decided to keep
Taiga moved to Fredric and Elin

Triton aka Mounty moved to Henri and Mirella in Holland

Tundra aka Arvika moved to Chelly in Holland
Tofflus aka Tofflus moved tol AnnaSofie in Norway

Tellus aka Rocky moved to Sandra
Ttriton, Tundra & Titan

Ttriton, Tundra & Titan

Ttriton, Tundra & Titan

Sälka, Ttriton, Tundra & Titan

Triton aka Mounty

Tundra aka Arvika

Mounty & Arvika




Arvika & Mounty

all Lavas puppies

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