söndag 7 januari 2018

Bielkersmils starting 2018

Lovely trainingtour sunny and cold 180106

Even colder as sun sets
I am currently running 9-team with the Samoyeds, and I have borrowed Taroda (AH) who has been injured  and needs some rehabilitation training with shorter distances and lower pace, so the team is a ten-team.

The dogs work well and I'm impressed by Corona who is now in her ninth year and still works great in lead along with Jotka. As wheeldogs, the couple Charlie and Mieto go. Both work very stable but make mum very annoyed because one of them (probably Mieto) chews off one of their necklines every time we stop and I forget to remind them that it's no-no.

Yesterday I drove barely 60km and there were 6 necklines broken (consider putting tabasco on the ropes). In about -15 degrees and darkness it was very annoying to first take off the remains of the broken line and then put a new one on with stiff-frozen fingers, but the dogs are forgiven-it's not possible to be annoyed for a long time when they with waving tails and wide smiles buff and puff to get a pat, and then before I had gotten up on the Troll wagon again they were eagerly pulling.
Titan 16weeks




Hoe again after training 30/12-17

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