onsdag 2 juni 2021

Time to move

We thank our puppy buyers who x-ray hips and check their dogs´eyes so that we can continue our successful breeding of Samoyeds with good joint and eye health.

A few more dogs from our breeding were recently x-rayed with good results! 

We say big congratulations and thanks to: 
Emil Johansson who has x-rayed Bielkersmil's Bilu of Nemo "Billy" with results HD B / B eyes ua Lotta Eriksson who has had an X-ray of Bielkersmils Cruz Of Nobelium 'Akela' HD A / A ED 0/0
Sven Weigmann who has x-rayed Bielkersmil's Belaya of Nemo "Ziri" HD A / A 

 On the coming weekend, June 5-6, Zora's puppies will move to their new homes and next weekend it will be moving- time for Anius' puppies. Below are some pictures of the puppies
Zoras puppies

Yellow female Bielkersmils Glimma of Titan
Yellow female

Yellow female

Male Bielkersmils Ghost of Titan



      Red female Bielkersmils Giza of Titan 

Red female

Pink female Bielkersmils Grace of Titan

Pink female

Pink female

Some photos from Anius´puppies


Blue male

Cerise female
Yellow female

Yellow-purple male

Light-blue male

red male
Pink female

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