söndag 16 februari 2020

No snow

In Värmland the snow is shining with its absence but if all the rain had come as snow we would have had the snowiest winter in a long time. The training has not become as it should due to rain and even more rain, but the dogs managed to run at least 10km despite the lack of training.

Last weekend Håkan was in Koppången and drove two DP10 with Titan and Charlie respectively. Both passed the approved merit with good margin.

Håkan & Titan DP10 20-02-08

Håkan & Charlie DP10 20-02-09

Yesterday, Bielkersmil's Chiara of Nobelium moved to her new owners in France. We hope and think she will enjoy it really well. 

11 days ago, on 5/2 our cliff Bielkersmils Birk walked across the rainbow bridge.

It is a cliché but still so true that it always hurts to lose a friend.

Birk was the kindest dog imaginable, always stable in his mood, always happy but never satisfied with cuddling - he always wanted more and the telling it by giving a little love nip. 

Birk was in the lead for much of our journey from Särna to Treriskröset in 2011 and a year later, he and his Håkan walked almost the same distance. He was responsive and could always walk loose, big and a little clumsy - a real hug dog. Birk - we will always remember you in our hearts and miss you for ever.
Birk 2012
Birk and the other dogs at treriskröset 2011

Birk 2012

Birk 2012

Birk 2012

Birk 2012

Birk at Treriksröset second time  2012

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