lördag 12 oktober 2019

Soon time

Today is Taiga a bit anxious. She is walking back and forth and preparing the bed in the welping box - maybe the puppies will come today. We are crossing our fingers and hopeing for healthy and strong puppies.

Taiga in the weloing box

On the first of September there was a mating between Bielkersmils Raisa of Ergo aka Raisa och  Blåtassen Actinides Nobelium aka Vargen. Raisa has now become a bit round so around the third of November she will hopefully give birth.



A couple of weeks ago we had a very nice visit from our dear friend Pernilla. She helped me to take some new photos.

Varya of Otis
Yetta of  Karelin

Zora of Frej

Bielkersmils Zora of Polar

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