måndag 21 maj 2018

Lots of activity in the whelpingboxes

On 5/5 Corona gave birth to her puppies. There were three bitches and 4 males. There is a male puppy otingad u Corona and two male puppies u Kalla. called puppies are deliverables at the beginning of week 26 and Corona's earliest 30/6. Email or send a message on our kennel page on facebook if you are interested.

Micky Treutleins foto.
Mothers paw works fine as a pillow

If you are interested in an older dog, maybe Bielkersmils Isa of Zouroff  u pdp SE (Polar) Ch Bielkersmils Avatara of Kartman and e Great Zima Prince Zouroff may be of interest. She is looking for a new home. 
She has HD degree B. Reg No SE42462 / 2013. Eyes without remark. . She likes many different activities, loves to go everywhere with the family, but she can also be calm. She is a very happy dog ​​who likes children. She has pulled her mum on a bike some times and she seems to enjoy that

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