lördag 20 maj 2017

Spring at the kennel, life comes and goes

Spring is a break time, everywhere in nature, the old is replaced by new budding life And so we hope that Kalla bears many healthy puppies that can carry Nello's genes on.

On Thursday, 11 / 5-2017, Nallo (Kannibalen's Karloff of Illusion) wandered over the rainbow bridge 13 years and 6 days old. 
It's always as heavy as a dog leaves us. Nallo was one of our first two dogs. We bought him and his brother, Sarek, in 2004 so he has made a part of the base in our breeding work. 

Nallo was a wonderful dog in many ways, always as happy and kiddy - a dog that charmed everyone. We miss him enormously but are glad he was healthy into the last. 
Nallo was a dad a number of times and he has brought many of his good qualities on. 

There is now a big loss in the dog farm - no Nallo who puffed up his nose to get cuddled, no Nallo barking continuously to attract our attention - the emptiness and lack are so noticeable.




P-löpet in Norway 2007, Sälka & Sarek i lead och Nallo as wheeldog. 100km in 12h 38min

Show in Ånnaboda 2016

Show in Ånnaboda 2016

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