lördag 11 mars 2017

Bielkersmils´offsprings in World championship Polardistance 160km

On thursday the 9/3-17 eleven Bielkersmils´offsprings made it to the finish line in Polardistance 160km. This year PD was a world championship as well.

Big Congrats to Beat and Lars. Well done!

I´m very proud to be the breeder of these dogs and very happy that Beat and Lars have had the strength and energy to train the dogs in a sufficient way.
Lars Jämtsved and Lotta Eriksson who bought their first Bielkersmils puppy in 2010 had a team of seven dogs in front of the sledge and it was the second time that Lars participated in the race. He and  his team ended up as number four in the World championship.

He and Lotta has put a lot of energy into accomplishing this. I know since we have a close contact. To train dogs for such a long distance you must understand that it takes a lot of time. The dogs need to be trained for many kilometers ( I think Lars has trained them around 2000km), You also need to make a close connection to the dogs in order to make a good team in order to accomplish this you need to spend a lot of time with the dogs.
During low season (spring, summer and early autumn) the dogs also need training. A good way to train them as the weather is to warm is to walk them with a back pack like I know Lotta has been doing.

Beat went skiing with a team of four bitches, all Bielkersmils´offsprings. I know from pics in facebook that he has been training quite a lot but not how much. He and his team ended up as number six..

Beat and his team on the finish line

Lars and his team at the start
Lars and his team after the race. Happy musher and dogs.

Beat at the start

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