söndag 26 februari 2017

Winter again

Winter both outside and in my heart.
13 days ago Singi (Great Jamarofs Manka), barely 12 years old, walked over the rainbow bridge. It is with sadness that I must remind myself not to pour food to her, not to be pushed by her warm nose when she wants to be petted. 
Singi was a very easygoing dog with a great temperament, calm and easy to learn. . She was clear against the other dogs (without being mean) so they always knew where they had her. 
Singi was the bitch who got to teach our youngsters how to behave when they had a harness on which she did with great patience and in a friendly but firm manner. She was not a fast sled dog, but had incredible focus and worked tirelessly, regardless of the weather and track conditions. 
Singi really was our daughter's dog and missed by all of us - this amazing wise dog who gave us so much joy. Now we hope that she is good and can chase squirrels and live a good life.

It turned out, unfortunately, that the mating between Kalla and Dumle  did not result in any puppies. Kalla tricked us by being really false pregnant so now we hope for better luck at the next heat. 

Otherwise, life goes on. One day sun and sparkling snow, the second day rain and ice on the roads sos the training conditions have not been the best. Yesterday we had a fantastic day. In the morning Håakn and I went skiing on Acksjön accompanied by Arija and Birk. The sun shone from a clear blue sky and the snow sparkled. After the ski tour, I went sledging with a six-team and then I went for a walk with Corall and Saiko. In the evening it started to snow and this morning when we woke up it had come about 10cm wet snow. Now Yr.no promised rain tomorrow so we have to take the opportunity to drive the sled as long as possible.

Saiko, Håkan and Arija, Arija and the six-team

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