söndag 23 oktober 2016

Two male puppies still available

We have two male puppies left for sale. A male from Jotkas litter and from one from Etnas. They are both ready for delivery. For more information about the parents you can go to the page puppy info. Please call or email if interested! After a very intense summer with three litters we are busy with autumn training. Håkan runs the AH(Alaskan Husky) team alternating with Samoyeds. I have mostly focused on driving the dogs that for some reason have not been able to join in full training but now it is time for them to join the great team also.

All but two puppies have new homes and we believe that they will all get on well with their new owners and we wish all new dog owners good luck with their new family members.

Bielkersmils  Pink of Geist aka Nasu moved to Anna and Sebastian in Finland

Bielkersmis Pamina of Geist aka Pamina moved to BrittHelene in Norway

Bielkersmils Poff of Geist aka Pace moved to Johanna and Jonatan

Bielkersmils Panya of  Geist aka Kita moved to Linn

Bielkersmils Pazzo of Geist aka Stormmoved to family Larsson

Bielkersmils Pizza og Geist aka Loomi moved to family Wilkins

Bielkersmils Pilo of Geist aka Lexon moved to Daniel and Sofie

Bielkersmils papu of Geist moved to family Verkerk in Holland

All Jotkas 10 puppies

Bielkersmils Ruslan of Ergo aka Nansen moved toEmma and Tommy

Bielkersmils Ruf of Ergo aka Aru moved to Fredric and Elin

Bielkersmils Romeo of  Ergo aka Zam moved to Helena

Bielkersmils Renat of  Ergo aka Rizzo and Bielkersmils Raisa of Ergo aka Raisamoved to Lars and Lotta

Biekersmils Rurik of Ergo aka Rufus moved to Nikki and Thomas

Bielkersmils Rodian of Ergo och Bielkersmils Rita aka Ronja moved to Austria. Ronja to Ninja and  Rodian to family Wagner

All Coronas nine puppies

Bielkersmils Shiro of Iwanmoved to Håkan and Linnéa
Bielkersmils Sayuri of Iwan aka Alliemoved to Sanna and Rasmus
Below is a short movie from training last sunday

All tuglines are tense

Jotka och Corona in lead, almost naked after thir litters, keep a good speed

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