måndag 8 augusti 2016

Busy days

Now all three bitches got their puppies. Unfortunately, Etna does not have enough milk for her puppies, probably because she injured her leg.. We were to the vet with her 10 days ago because I suspected that she was about to get uterine inflammation. She was limping and had some high temp. She was thoroughly examined and showed no obvious signs of inflammations and the vet could not explain what was due to lameness. Her temperature was slightly elevated so she was on antibiotics.

 It was a hectic week for me with the support feeding every three - four hours around the clock and Jotka and Corona also helped by being wet nurses to the little ones. The small were very reluctant to eat the supplement that I tried to give them but thankfully they accepted Jotka, a blessing, it was also fortunate that Jotkas puppies started eating puppy food, which meant that the load on Jotka was not too high. Now Jotka has dried up so now Corona is the wet nurse to Etnas´ puppies. She first feeds Etnas puppies and then also get a dash of her own as an appetizer before eating their puppy food. It's full speed on Etnas´ puppies, it seems to be true energy bundles, and today they've got up their eyes.

 There are still males still available. Please call or email if interested: 

tel 0700405267 
email: bielkersmil@gmail.com

Jotkas´ten puppies (one is hiding behind the puppy to the right)

Blue male 5 weeks

Blue-yellow female 5 weeks

Purple male 5 weeks

Orange-blue male 5 weeks

Orange female 5 weeks

Pink female 5 weeks

Red female 5 weeks

Pink-red female 5 weeks

Winered male 5 weeks

Yellow male 5 weeks

Chiara (our volunteer from Italy) is drying one of Jotkas´puppies

Chiara and Jotkas´puppies

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