lördag 10 juli 2021

One male puppy available

Hjördis and Moses puppies born 210630 and ready for delivery 210828, grow and have already reached 10 days old. Now we are waiting for them to open their eyes.

There is a male puppy left to do things for you who do not live in an apartment but in a villa and who can give the puppy / dog a loving, lasting, active home

If you are interested, get in touch by text message to telephone 0700405267 or email bielkersmil@gmail.com 

Below is a small film about Hjördis and the puppies

onsdag 2 juni 2021

Time to move

We thank our puppy buyers who x-ray hips and check their dogs´eyes so that we can continue our successful breeding of Samoyeds with good joint and eye health.

A few more dogs from our breeding were recently x-rayed with good results! 

We say big congratulations and thanks to: 
Emil Johansson who has x-rayed Bielkersmil's Bilu of Nemo "Billy" with results HD B / B eyes ua Lotta Eriksson who has had an X-ray of Bielkersmils Cruz Of Nobelium 'Akela' HD A / A ED 0/0
Sven Weigmann who has x-rayed Bielkersmil's Belaya of Nemo "Ziri" HD A / A 

 On the coming weekend, June 5-6, Zora's puppies will move to their new homes and next weekend it will be moving- time for Anius' puppies. Below are some pictures of the puppies
Zoras puppies

Yellow female Bielkersmils Glimma of Titan
Yellow female

Yellow female

Male Bielkersmils Ghost of Titan



      Red female Bielkersmils Giza of Titan 

Red female

Pink female Bielkersmils Grace of Titan

Pink female

Pink female

Some photos from Anius´puppies


Blue male

Cerise female
Yellow female

Yellow-purple male

Light-blue male

red male
Pink female

torsdag 22 april 2021

Puppies in April

 On the 5:th of April Zora gave birth to 4 big beautiful and healthy puppies and on the 13:th of April Aniu gave birth to seven beautiful healthy puppies. None of the puppies are available to buy.

Zora, proud mother 210405

Aniu, proud mother 210413

fredag 5 mars 2021

Nice visit

 Today we had a very nice visit from Susanne, her husband and their youngster Bielkersmils Eimo of Avici aka Mollgansson. Mollgansson and our Freya were unleach and played. They really enjoyed the company from each other 

Mollgansson & Freya

Freya & Mollgansson




fredag 26 februari 2021

Nineteenth of February 2021 - a sad day

Friday the nineteenth of February was a heavy day when we said goodbye to Bielkersmil's Artemisia of Kartman aka Arija and Bielkersmil's Deimos of Ilya aka Deimos.
They both have a special place in our hearts and the loss of them is great. 

 Arija was one of 5 puppies from our first litter in 2007 and has been one of our best guide dogs. Lots of mood and willingness to decide over the herd, not kind to the one who tried to put herself above her in rank but with a very good working head. 
 The first time she was allowed to enter as a guide dog, she was barely three years old and had never been in the lead before. It was in 2010 at the Femundrace 400km when Spira, who had his obvious place as lead, turned out to believe taht she was pregnant and did not want to lead any team at all.

 Together with mother Sälka, Arija led the team through valleys and up on bare mountains. When a snowstorm, on one of the final stages of the competition, had closed the trail so that only the trail crosses were visible, she soon learned that it was the crosses she would follow.
As another competitor whos team of  siberian huskies had stopped and did not want to move asked for help she without any doubt took command and safely guided them all through the storm. Arija struggled through high snowdrifts and whipping snow and showed the way for her own team and the siberian team. Håkan started the Femund race with 8 dogs but unfortunately had to put out three of the dogs for various reasons. The last stage was heavy for the small team and without Arija they would have had a hard time reaching the finish line. Her performance was outstanding and her loyalty to Håkan immeasurable.

After Arija had shown her good leadership qualities, her place in the team was given so when we went Vita bandet (from Särna to treriksröset about 1800km in 7 weeks) in 2011 she was one of the dogs who got to go as a leader. Many competitions and training sessions, running trips, ski trips and sleigh rides have mainly been shared by Håkan and Arija. Arija was always alert to new adventures and never hesitated that her master knew the way.

 Deimos was largely the opposite of Arija even though they were half-siblings with the same mother, Sälka.
Deimos accepted not to be at the top of the pack. He always followed us loose when we walked in the woods, ran before 20-25m and then always came back to see that master and mistress came. When he was barely two years old, we almost lost him due to a viral meningitis. Happily enough, he recovered after medication with cortisone.With as good a will to work as Arija and thanks to his size and strength, he then was a very good wheel dog. 
Deimos participated in several competitions, both sprint, middle and long distance and always did his job with joy. For example, he won, together with Håkan and 7 of our other Samoyeds, Polardistans 160km in 2013 and the following year he completed the Amundsen race 300km as one of the dogs in our 12-team. Deimos, cuddly and very compliant and with his slightly sad eyes, was easy to love and it hurts that he is not there.


Finish at Femundrace 400 with Arija in lead



söndag 6 december 2020

The 2nd Advent 2020

The 2nd Advent (6/12) 2020, not a bit of snow and 4 degrees  warm. After the snow that came on Thursday (3/12) it has rained a lot and the approx. five cm that came is completely gone except that some of the snow has been turned into ice on the road a couple of km away. After today's training trip, which was only a total of 4km due to the ice, Crux and Titan looked as if they had taken a mud bath. So sad. 

 Below are some new photos of Zora and Aniu that I plan to mate in 2021. Zora hopefully in March and Aniu (if HD and eyes are ok) in February or maybe the heat after that in August. Male is not destined for any of the bitches.
Zora 6/12-20

Zora 6/12-20

Zora 6/12-20

Aniu 6/12-20

Aniu 6/12-20

Aniu 6/12-20

Aniu 6/12-20

Aniu 6/12-20

Aniu 6/12-20

Aniu 6/12-20

lördag 17 oktober 2020

Time flies

On the 23:rd of September Yetta gave birth to eight healthy puppies, five females and three males.They will be ready to deliver on the 20:th of November at the earliest. 

Yetta and her newly born puppies

Wow, time flies. Both Saikos´and Varyas´puppies have already moved to new homes. Below are some photos from them.
Varya and her newly born puppies

Varyas´ boys


Saiko and her newly born puppies

 Saikos daughter "Dottir"

Black and blue male from Saikos kull

Varyas´ boys


One of Saikos´boys who doesn´t want his picture to be taken

Saikos´ puppies on adventure in the woods

Saikos´ puppies on adventure in the woods